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Sport Thread 5/18: Rockies at Phillies

At this time, it feels like the Phillies’ wins are getting against the laws of nature. That they had to tooth and nail this to pull out last night’s 5-4 victory over the Rockies, and the 1st game they won against the Makers during their last series was motivated by Milwaukee misplays. Nevertheless, these people once again have a chance to take the collection with Aaron Nola on the pile.

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Phillies 25-19, up 1 . 5 Gary the gadget guy; Next: Saturday 4: 05

Final game: 5-4 win over the Rockies
Next game: Saturday May eighteen, 4: 05 EDT, vs . Rockies
TV: NBCSP, MLBN (out-of-market only)
Radio stations: 94 WIP, WTTM 1680
Possible Starters:
Sitting 5/18, 4: 05 vs . Rockies: Nola (R) vs . Sanzatela (R)
Sun 5/19, one: 05 vs . Rockies: Eickhoff (R) vs . Freeland (L)
Mon 5/20, 8: 05 @ Cubs: Arrieta (R) vs . Darvish (R)
NL East Standings plus Playoff Odds:
Resource: Fangraphs. com

Phillies’ NL ratings (out of 15)

Pertaining to Reference
Phillies hitters (fangraphs)
Phillies pitchers (fangraphs)
Team hitting stats (fangraphs)
Team pitching statistics (fangraphs)
Team statistics (baseball-reference)

Run Diff will be the average run differential: runs obtained per game, less runs permitted per game
wRC+ (Weighted Operates Created Plus): an overall measure of striking effectiveness, relative to an average hitter (wRC+ of 100 is average, 120 is 20% better than average). It requires all of a hitter’s (or team’s) contributions and weights them depending on their value in generating operates.
FIP (Fielding-independent pitching) is based just on the stats that are considered to be the majority of controllable by pitchers: strikeouts, moves, and home runs.

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Arising: Phillies 5, Rockies 4

They have generally not a good thing when a team’s leadoff and three-hole hitters are slumping. Given the struggles associated with Andrew McCutchen and Bryce Harper over the past month, it shouldn’t shock anyone that the Phillies’ lineup has not produced up to its capabilities. Consequently , it was very nice to see both males drive in two runs upon Friday night, leading the Phillies to a 5-4 win over the Rockies.
Cutch and Harper weren’t the only real heroes on Friday night. Cole Irvin made his second profession start and earned his 2nd career win. It wasn’t since strong a performance as their previous outing, although he definitely wasn’t helped out by their defense in the second inning (he can’t really point any fingertips since both errors in the inning were charged to him). However, he helped his cause simply by working a ten-pitch walk immediately previous McCutchen’s home run.
The bullpen had an extremely poor showing upon Thursday afternoon (Seven runs within four innings), but they were to the task on Friday night. Irvin left the game with a one-run prospect after six innings, and the trio of Jose Alvarez, Pat Neshek, and Hector Neris didn’t permit a base runner over the final 3 frames.
Neris was especially effective in the ninth, needing only 7 pitches to retire the side. Naturally , it helps when Maikel Franco the highlight reel over-the-shoulder catch at the rear of him.
Coming off a three-game losing streak, this was a very accepted victory. And if McCutchen, Harper, as well as the bullpen can continue to perform like they will did on Friday, perhaps the group can now begin a winning streak.

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One more Phillies-killer is hiding in the Rockies

Phillies-killers aren’t about nuance. They’re regarding blunt force trauma. They’re regarding punching the Phillies as difficult as possible for six or 7 games a season (more in the event that they’re on a divisional opponent). Could possibly be about being completely genial, regular people who for some reason walk into Citizens Financial institution Park and have their eye balls change a hellish red, their thoughts fill with thunderstorms, and find by themselves with a full body itch which is relieved only by beating the particular Phillies.
There’s a few Rockies who’ve been around long enough to have seen their own share of Phillies teams, yet Mark Reynolds and Ian Desmond have never successfully taken the Phillies to task.
I know what’s most likely thinking now: “It’s that Nolan Arenado, isn’t it. That defensive player who walks on air as well as the ninth player in history to hit one, 000 home runs for the Rockies. Gaah, he’s so good-looking plus seamlessly productive. Why does he obtain everything?? When am I likely to get mine?! I hate a person, Nolan Arenado, I truly hate a person!!!!! [sound a wall being weakly punched, then quiet whimpering]. “
But number While Arenado is an elite skill of the National League, and the long term fantasy acquisition of Phillies fans exactly who thought the Rockies would be as well stupid to lock him upward, he’s not the epic Phillies-killer you might think:. 264 BA,. 685 OPERATIONS and 4 HR in forty games against the Phillies in his profession, and merely a. 197 hitter having a. 585 OPS and 3 HUMAN RESOURCES in 16 games at People Bank Park.
It’s Charlie Blackmon, which you already know if you started looking over this post with your eyes open plus saw the image at the top. A. 342 hitter with a 1 . 036 within 45 career games against the Phillies; a. 314 hitter with a 1 ) 056 OPS in 23 online games at CBP. Within that hill man’s beard is a potent frustration that is directed at, apparently, all things Philadelphia. Does Charlie Blackmon hate the particular Declaration of Independence? Is he or she a filthy lobsterback loyalist? They are fair questions.
He lurked within the background, and from a lack of direct exposure or being befuddled by Tyler Cloyd (he went 0-for-3 towards him in 2012! ), it was not until 2014 that Blackmon surfaced as a slayer of Phillies harrassing. That year, he hit. 346. In 2016, that BA hopped to. 456 in 31 ABS. Part of this is because the Phillies had been throwing David Hernandez and Edubray Ramos and Jonathan Pettibone in him over the years. It was also due to the fact Blackmon was becoming a good batter who could hit mediocre-at-best harrassing.
Now, the Phillies are much better, but their pitching still has some from the guys Blackmon has been feasting upon for years. The Rockies will see Cole Irvin, Aaron Nola, and Jerad Eickhoff this series. Obviously Irvin is going to be new to them, but Blackmon is certainly 4-for-11 lifetime vs . Eickhoff plus 6-for-10 vs . Nola, having currently homered off him this year. Talking about home runs, do you recall Blackmon’s first one of 2019?

Blackmon required the press come to him to ensure that he could gloat publicly.

“It’s only one swing and I’m not going to create too much of it. “
Really? Not really make too much of it? His teammates certainly thought it was a big deal whenever they mobbed him at home plate.
“Well, that was a game that looked like it had been going to be a tough loss, inch Blackmon said. “To our credit score, the guys kept fighting. “
The particular Denver Post

What?! That was… diplomatic and uninteresting. There’s no smack speak, there’s no back-handed slaps. It’s simply Blackmon, crediting his teammates plus downplaying his involvement in the earn. It’s like… it doesn’t even issue to him. Beating the Phillies is just as normal as getting up each morning. Like that quote from Rambo 4.
“When you’re pushed, [beating the Phillies with a walk-off dagger]’s as easy as breathing. “
Yet we all know about Blackmon by now great history of daggering the Phillies. Required has become, who is waiting to inherit the mantle, or even join Blackmon in his quest to crush the particular Phillies into dust?
Trevor Tale has only been a bit of a nightmare–a. 347 hitter with a 1 . 151 OPS and 13 home operates in 19 games vs . the particular Phillies and a. 421 hitter within five games at Citizens Financial institution Park. But that’s a limited period. The post about how teeth-grindingly great Story has been against the Phillies will be a few years. Story will send an Aaron Nola fastball into the purple hills majesty of Denver, and a grizzled old Blackmon will nod from your dugout, his Methuselah beard at this point a ghostly white; his callused hands resting on the walking stay he carved with his teeth out from the bat he used to kill the particular Phillies years before.
It’s not enjoyable facing a Phillies-killer, especially right after dropping three of four towards the Ryan Braun and the Brewers, and particularly in the midst of a tough stretch of collection against competitors who are better than the particular Royals and all of the NL Eastern.
Fortunately, unlike Braun, there’s a method to shut Blackmon down: Get your pet out of Denver. He’s a. 211 hitter on the road this year (and the. 397 hitter in Coors Field). He’s also not hitting lefties as well, and with Cole Irvin beginning game one, there’s a chance Blackmon’s kryptonite will be on the mound.
There exists another route the Phillies can take as well: in Coors Field)
With Irvin pitching and a non-Coors Field venue, the Phillies possess the best chance at keeping Blackmon off the bases tonight. Now they will just need to invent a holiday between at this point and first pitch and they’ll become golden.

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Not too tough away from Coors: Phillies versus Rockies series preview

The particular Phillies have not fared well whenever playing in Coors Field days gone by two years. Fortunately, this weekend’s collection against the Rockies will take place in the a lot friendlier confines of Citizens Financial institution Park.
Record: 20-22, fourth put in place National League West
The last period they met
As mentioned, Coors Industry has not been kind to the Phillies. The particular Phillies dropped three of 4 games when they visited Colorado final month.
Since then?
The Rockies have got mostly treaded water, going 11-9. That hasn’t been enough to gain a lot ground in the West after getting off to some disastrous start (3-12) to the time of year.
They’re better away from home?
That collection against the Phillies aside, the Rockies have actually been better away from home. They’re just 9-11 at Coors, as opposed to 11-11 on the road.
But it’s not thanks to their particular hitting
The Rockies may earn more on the road, but their hitters do not seem to enjoy leaving home since their own team batting average is just. 217 outside of Colorado. Take them out of Coors Field, and the Rockies are a maximum of an average at best offensive team.
The greatest beneficiary of his home city’s thin air is Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon might hit like a superstar with Coors, but he’s been instead anemic with the bat on the road. Their OPS is a measly. 556 plus he’s only managed one house run.
On the other hand…

David Dahl: Thomas Braun 2 . 0?
Speaking of men who play well against the Phillies, David Dahl put up a reduce line. 375/. 444/. 563 within the four games against the Phillies final month. Sadly that’s actually even worse than what he did final season when he put up a good astonishing. 444/. 474/1. 222. The good thing is that Dahl has traditionally already been much weaker on the road where their OPS is more than. 200 factors lower than at home. So maybe we all won’t have to watch him draw a Ryan Braun on the Phillies this weekend.
Retirement home for your Washington Nationals?
Apparently, when previous members of the Washington Nationals obtain old, they move to Colorado. Ian Desmond, Daniel Murphy, and Indicate Reynolds have all found their method onto the Rockies’ roster, even though none of them are doing all that well. Mixed, they’ve put up -1. 0 bWAR.
Ian Desmond isn’t having a excellent seasonPhoto by Matthew Stockman/Getty Pictures

Jean Jean the Rockie striking machine
Jean Segura has had a great week with the bat, and that appears likely to continue this weekend. Their career OPS against the Rockies is certainly. 962 and he has nine house runs in 42 games towards them.
Scheduled pitchers
Jon Grey might have pitched well against the Phillies last month, but I have uncertainties that he can repeat that functionality. After all, this is the guy who directed the National League in operates allowed last season. Being far from Colorado hasn’t helped him a lot this season, as he’s been pulled around in both of his final two road starts.
Game 2 will be started by Antonio Senzatela, who was the losing pitcher once the Phillies won their game on Colorado. Considering how poorly the particular Phillies have played there, that does not say much for him. Nonetheless, nothing he’s done this season states all that much about him.
The finish goes to Kyle Freeland. Freeland opened up some eyes in 2018, heading 17-7 with a 2 . 85 PERIOD, finishing fourth in Cy Youthful Award voting. I suspect this individual won’t get nearly as many ballots this season since his ERA offers almost doubled.
Just like home
The reminder that according to the Denver Article, the Rockies should feel here at home this weekend:
The particular Phillies had a shaky week, therefore it is not great timing for the Rockies to come to town. The Rockies’ record may not look great, but that is certainly largely due to their poor start to the growing season. And while their offense may take one step back on the road, they’ve still had the opportunity to win games. Armed with several guys who typically kill the particular Phillies, I see the Rockies successful two out of three.

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Phillies MLR 5/16/19: Everybody wins plus walk-off victories are fun

Weekend break Probables:
LHV: Enyel De Mis Santos, Drew Anderson, Tyler Viza
REA: Tom Eshelman, Ramon Rosso, Adonis Medina
LWD: Victor Santos, TBD, GM1 TBD, GM2 TBD
Lehigh Valley 7, Durham five
Nick Pivetta – 7 IP, 3 H, 1 R, one ER, 4 BB, 11 E, WP, 6 GB, 3 WIKIPEDIA
Malquin Canelo — 1 for 4, RBI, 3 or more K, CS
Deivy Grullon – 2 for four, R, 2B, RBI, 2 E
Mitch Walding : 1 for 2, R, 2 BB
Damek Tomscha : 1 for 4, R, 2B, 2 RBI, 2 K
Nearby include all the free passes, Chip Pivetta has been outstanding since becoming demoted to AAA. He has the 3. 09 ERA in thirty-two IP with 45 strikeouts in order to 16 walks. There is still wish that Pivetta can work this away and return to the Phillies in order to contribute in a meaningful way prior to the season is over. Is in the rotator or bullpen? Who knows. The Metal Pigs combined for 11 strikes and were 4 for eleven with RISP. They also struck out there 15 times; baseball is enjoyable.
Reading 7, Portland 2
Mauricio Llovera – 5 IP, seven H, 2 R, 2 EMERGENY ROOM, 2 BB, 7 K, two GB, 3 FB
Scott Kingery – 0 designed for 4, R, RBI, 2 Nited kingdom
Mickey Moniak — 2 for 4, 2 L, 3B, 2 RBI
Adam Haseley – 2 just for 4, R, 2B, RBI, TRAFIC TRAVIS
Austin Listi : 2 for 4, R, RBI, K
Darick Corridor – 0 for 4, 3 or more K
Cornelius Randolph – 0 for 4, Nited kingdom
Arquimedes Gamboa — 2 for 4, R, 2B, 2 RBI, 2 K
Luke Williams – zero for 2, 2 BB, 2 Nited kingdom, CS
Mauricio Llovera has apparently fixed his “walking too many batters” issue and replaced it along with “giving up too many hits” problems. In his first three starts this individual gave up only 6 hits within 14. 1 innings, but strolled 12. In his last three begins he has given up 18 hits within 16. 2 IP, but just walked 4. Anyways, Llovera includes a 2-0 record and 4. summer ERA with 36 strikeouts within 31 innings. The offense kicked butt behind him, collecting nine hits and were opportunistic. Which was Moniak’s 5th triple of the period and Gamboa’s first double.
Clearwater 7, Lakeland 6 (11 innings)
Andrew Brown – 4. two IP, 3 H, 4 Ur, 3 ER, 4 BB, two K, 8 GB, 4 WIKIPEDIA
Simon Muzziotti : 0 for 5, BB, Nited kingdom
Alec Bohm — 1 for 4, RBI, two BB
Matt Vierling – 0 for 4, two K, HBP
Madison Stokes – 1 for five, R, 2 K
Colby Fitch – 1 for just two, 2 R, 2B, 3 BB, SB
Jhailyn Ortiz – 1 for 4, a few R, HR, 3 RBI, BB, 3 K
Bill Aklinski – 0 for three or more
Daniel Brito : 2 for 5, R, 2B, 3 RBI
Dalton Guthrie – 0 for five, 2 K (fielding error)
Who have doesn’t love late-game heroics two times? The Threshers tied the game within the bottom of the ninth, scoring 2 runs via a double from Daniel Brito. After going down a operate in the 11th inning, Daniel Brito singled home Jhailyn Ortiz in order to tie the game. Alec Bohm would certainly eventually single Brito home for that walk-off victory.
Lakewood 4, Hagerstown 3
Dominic Pipkin – five IP, 3 H, 2 Ur, 0 ER, BB, K, WP, HBP, 4 GB, 6 FB
Jhordany Mezquita – four IP, 2 H, 1 Ur, 1 ER, 2 BB, five K, 2 GB, 2 WIKIPEDIA
Jonathan Guzman — 1 for 4, R, TRAFIC TRAVIS
Matt Kroon : 0 for 4, 3 Nited kingdom
Luis Garcia : 0 for 3, BB, E
Abraham Gutierrez — 1 for 3, RBI, BB
Malvin Matos : 0 for 4, 3 E (outfield assist, 3B)
Carlos De La Cruz : 1 for 3, R, 2B, BB, K
Bill Pelletier – 3 for four, R, 2B
Seeker Stovall – 1 for four, RBI
Jake Sherlock holmes – 0 for 3, E (fielding error)
More late-game heroics! After going down 3-2 in the the top of 9th, Hunter Stovall hit the RBI-single to tie the game within the bottom of the inning and then the passed ball would allow the walk-off run to score. Jhordany Mezquita obtained his second win of the period despite giving up the go-ahead operate.

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Have a tendency worry, the Phillies only have to encounter Ryan Braun three more moments this year

There has been Phillie-killers before. They range from legitimate sluggers across the sport to moderate bench bats who for simply no reason thunder to life within Residents Bank Park’s walls. But nobody has so thoughtlessly, seamlessly, plus continuously dismantled Philadelphia Phillies harrassing in the modern era than Thomas Braun.
It is tough to not take this personally when an opposing player grows so much in a ballpark that they have better numbers in than in any one of their division rivals’ parks, who they see much more often.
Braun himself has been unable to explain this, claiming it has less to do with exactly what he’s doing and more to do with the quantity of times he’s done it.
“Obviously it’s a great ballpark to hit within. I enjoy competing against these guys. In addition to that, I don’t know — small example size, anything can happen. “
After which there’s the boos, which appear to only make him more powerful.
“I try to use it to my advantage. I really like it. It’s great. Seriously, as being a competitor I really enjoy it. It’s a difficult game and it’s a long season plus playing in an environment and environment like this is certainly motivating. “
Yet he’s being modest. There’s no protection against what Braun is able to perform to the Phillies, whether it’s at their very own park or at home in Milwaukee, wisconsin. He’s smacked around everybody through Jamie Moyer (6-for-10, 2 HUMAN RESOURCES in 2008-09) to Roy Halladay (4-for-6, 1 HR in 2011) to Cole Hamels (3-for-4, one HR in 2012) to High cliff Lee (5-for-7, 3 HR within 2012).
Braun was the product from the Brewers shuffling their roster about in 2007, and being called the NL Rookie of the Season. They put him in left, exactly where his defensive shortcomings could appear short a little less. He performed against the Phillies for the first time in a collection from August 3-5, going 6-for-14 in three games with a three-way, three RBI, and two house runs.
To be fair, Braun furthermore committed an error that allowed 2 runs to score in one of those video games, and in another he got to encounter Adam Eaton.
The next year, the particular Brewers and Phillies played a couple of games in late April, and Braun went 4-for-8 with two increases. The next time they faced off, the particular Phillies and Brewers played 4 games in Philly, and Braun… was silent. The Brewers slipped all four contests and their slugger, so typically thriving off the cheesesteak grease vapors in the air, disappeared, controlling only one hit (a home run) in the entire series. The Phillies had figured him ou–
No. Next April, Braun was in South Philly and hammered the house team with eight hits plus three dingers. They met once again in September, when he device gunned the Phillies pitching personnel with six singles in 2 games, and threw in a home go out of, I assume, boredom.
Look, we all don’t need to go back through the whole fable. Some years, Braun has pummeled the Phillies. Others, he got a gentler approach. At least one 12 months, he didn’t homer against all of them at all in six games. It had been pretty pathetic!
And also, not uncommon. Braun is just as susceptible to baseball diseases because anyone. He just doesn’t prevent homering, even when he is at their worst. It’s like if somebody screamed in their sleep occasionally at night time while thinking about Ryan Braun right after screaming at a much more frequent speed during the day. In the middle of his five-year extend of all-star appearances and Magic Sluggers from 2008-12, there was Come july 1st 2010, in which he hit. two hundred and struck out 26 instances in 105 AB, but still strike five annoying home runs. The particular Pirates were victimized by 3 of them, with no other Pennsylvania group on the schedule to satisfy Braun’s awful hunger. Braun’s first year right after being suspended for half the particular 2013 season wasn’t pretty possibly as he adjusted to being resented by everyone and his thumb damage evolved into a condition that necessary cryotherapy.
What can the Phillies perform to stop him, other than throw a large snake at him? As far as I could tell, they have two options.
This past year, the Phillies played the Marlins at a time when their offense required a boost. They watched as Mr. bieber Bour hit three home operates in four games. Three times later, they traded for your pet. It didn’t work out (those 3 home runs were also Bour’s only hits in four games). But if we apply that reasoning to Braun, it’s tough to claim against. The Brewers signed Braun to a deal that keeps your pet in Milwaukee through 2020, having an option for 2021. Consider watching Braun’s numbers in Philadelphia over seventy eight games instead of three or four. If you disregard everything else about him except for the truth that he can’t not hit just like a monster in CBP, it’d become tough not to grab him without having even thinking.
But that most unlikely possibility is in the future. We reside here, in the present, where Ryan Braun is waiting for the Phillies within Milwaukee for a couple of days, which kind of destroys my second solution: Prevent playing him. The Phillies, since the headline explains, have to play the particular Brewers three more times. At this time, all they can do is program around Braun.

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Phillies 24-19, up 1 . 5 Gary the gadget guy; Next: Fri. vs . Rockies

Final game: 11-3 loss to the Makers
Next game: Friday, May seventeen, 7: 05 EDT, vs . Rockies
Radio: 94 WIP, WTTM 1680
Probable Starters:
Fri 5/17, 7: 05 vs . Rockies: Irvin (L) versus Gray (R)
Sitting 5/18, 4: 05 vs . Rockies: Nola (R) vs . Sanzatela (R)
Sun 5/19, one: 05 vs . Rockies: Eickhoff (R) vs . Freeland (L)
NL Eastern Standings and Playoff Odds:
Source: Fangraphs. com

Phillies’ NL rankings (out of 15)

For Reference
Phillies hitters (fangraphs)
Phillies pitchers (fangraphs)
Team striking stats (fangraphs)
Group pitching stats (fangraphs)
Team stats (baseball-reference)

Operate Diff is the average run gear: runs scored per game, much less runs allowed per game
wRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus): a general measure of hitting effectiveness, relative to the average hitter (wRC+ of 100 is certainly average, 120 is 20% much better than average). It takes all of a hitter’s (or team’s) contributions and weight load them based on their value within generating runs.
FIP (Fielding-independent pitching) is based only on the stats which are considered to be most controllable by pitchers: strikeouts, walks, and home operates.

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Make sure you go away: Brewers 11, Phillies a few

The good thing is that Ryan Braun will stop working one day. The bad news is the fact that thanks to modern “medicine, ” professions can be extended, so that day might not come any time soon. Until then, we will have to endure Braun’s annual trips to Citizens Bank Park in which he decimates Phillies pitching.
Braun has been 3-4 on the day (7-13 in the series), but he wasn’t alone within the battering of the Phillies’ pitching employees. Fellow Phillie-killer Yasmani Grandal got another big game, including the three-run home run in the 7th that turned a once-close competition into a laugher. And because he evidently felt left out of the fun on the previous three games, Christian Yelich got into the act as well along with two home runs of their own.
Entering the game, the hope is that Zach Eflin would continue to message well and end the Phillies two-game losing streak. However , this particular wasn’t Eflin’s finest performance, quitting four runs in five innings. He was followed by four Phillies relievers who looked helpless contrary to the Brewers’ relentless attack.
As for the Phillies’ offense, it started out well enough. Blue jean Segura hit a home run within the first, and they led 3-2 right after three innings. But after Holistica hit into a double play to finish a scoring threat in the 5th, the Phillies’ batters were unable maintain with the Brewers and went hitless through the final three innings.
Thankfully, this was the last game of the collection, and the home fans won’t need to witness any more of this horror. Nevertheless , the Phillies are scheduled for 3 games in Milwaukee later this particular month. Unless the pitching staff members figures out a way to get Braun plus company out, that could turn out to be an extremely unpleasant road trip.