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Phillies 45-41, 5. 5 GB within East, 0. 5 game on with 2nd WC; Next: Thursday seven: 20

Final game: 9-2 loss to the Braves
Next game: Thursday July four, 7: 20 EDT, @ Braves
TV: NBCSP, ESPN (out-of-market only)
Stereo: 94 WIP, WTTM 1680
Possible Starters:
Thu 7/4, 7: 20 @ Braves: Eflin (RHP) vs . Soroka (RHP)
Fri 7/5, seven: 10 @ Mets: Velasquez (RHP) vs . DeGrom (RHP)
Sat 7/6, 7: 15 @ Mets: Arrieta (RHP) vs . Syndergaard (RHP)
NL Wildcard Standings plus Playoff Odds:
Resource: Fangraphs. com

NL rankings (out of 15)

For Reference point
Phillies hitters (fangraphs)
Phillies pitchers (fangraphs)
Team hitting stats (fangraphs)
Team pitching stats (fangraphs)
Team stats (baseball-reference)

Run Diff is the typical run differential: runs scored for each game, less runs allowed for each game
wRC+ (Weighted Runs Developed Plus): an overall measure of hitting usefulness, relative to an average hitter (wRC+ associated with 100 is average, 120 can be 20% better than average). It takes all a hitter's (or team's) efforts and weights them based on their own value in generating runs.
FIP (Fielding-independent pitching) is based only in the stats that are considered to be most manageable by pitchers: strikeouts, walks, plus home runs.

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Faltering the test: Braves 9, Phillies two

1 night after Aaron Nola frequency the team to an important make an impression on the Braves, the Phillies considered Nick Pivetta in the second video game of the series. Pivetta hasn't arrive close to having the breakthrough season that lots of predicted, but there was hope which he would deliver a strong start contrary to the Phillies' division rivals. Instead, this individual came up small in important situations and allowed two house runs. The result was a disappointing 9-2 loss to the Braves.
The first 3 innings went well for Pivetta, with only one runner reaching bottom. In the fourth, things went down hill quickly. After a leadoff single simply by Darby Swanson, Freddie Freeman strike a grounder to Rhys Hoskins. It looked like a potential double enjoy ball, but Hoskins' throw strike Swanson, and the Braves instead experienced runners on the corners with no one outs.
For much of his period with the Phillies, Pivetta has shown a good inability to rally when confronted with adversity. And like just about every glass pitcher on the staff, he's given up house runs far too frequently. Both of these unfortunate tendencies reared their mind against Josh Donaldson.
After spending the first part of the game struggling against unremarkable starter Bryse Wilson, the Phillies' offense finally showed signs of living in the sixth. Bryce Harper homered, and J. T. Realmuto singled home Rhys Hoskins to cut the particular deficit to one run.
The Phillies desperately needed a shutdown inning from Pivetta, and once again, he or she couldn't come through. In the base of the sixth, he gave up an additional killer home run that fundamentally killed any hopes of a Phillies' comeback.
Juan Nicasio entered the overall game, and gave up three more operates in the inning. Not that it considered much considering the Phillies offense can only manage one more hit all of those other way.
The Phillies still have an opportunity to win the series and pick-up an important game in the standings upon Thursday night. Zach Eflin can get the start, and the Phillies hope which he can succeed where Pivetta unsuccessful.

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Online game Thread 7/3: Phillies at Braves

An enormous game one victory authored simply by Aaron Nola has really upped expectations for this series. Here's the particular lineup that will take on the Braves Wednesday night:
CF Scott Kingery
SS Jean Segura
RF Bryce Harper
1B Rhys Hoskins
Chemical J. T. Realmuto
LF The writer Bruce
2B Cesar Hernandez
3B Maikel Franco
P Nick Pivetta

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Phillies 45-40, 4. 5 GB within East, 0. 5 game on with 2nd WC; Next: Wednesday seven: 20

Final game: 2-0 win over the Braves
Next game: Wednesday July 3 or more, 7: 20 EDT, @ Braves
Radio: 94 WIP, WTTM 1680
Probable Starters:
Wed 7/3, 7: twenty @ Braves: Pivetta (RHP) versus Wilson (RHP)
Thu 7/4, 7: 20 @ Braves: Eflin (RHP) vs . Soroka (RHP)
Fri 7/5, seven: 10 @ Mets: Velasquez (RHP) vs . DeGrom (RHP)
NL Wildcard Standings and Playoff Odds:
Source: Fangraphs. com

NL rankings (out of 15)

For Reference
Phillies hitters (fangraphs)
Phillies pitchers (fangraphs)
Team hitting statistics (fangraphs)
Team harrassing stats (fangraphs)
Group stats (baseball-reference)

Run Difference is the average run differential: operates scored per game, less operates allowed per game
wRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus): an overall way of measuring hitting effectiveness, relative to an average batter (wRC+ of 100 is typical, 120 is 20% better than average). It takes all of a hitter's (or team's) contributions and weights all of them based on their value in producing runs.
FIP (Fielding-independent pitching) relies only on the stats that are regarded as most controllable by pitchers: strikeouts, walks, and home runs.

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Your dog is back: Phillies 2, Braves zero

You understand those games that just seem like they are must win games? Those that you feel the team really requirements in order to have any kind of a chance on bigger and better things afterwards in the season? This one had the particular feel. Coming off a big earn on Sunday that propelled all of them on their week long quest prior to the All-Star break, the Phillies acquired rearranged their rotation in order to provide them with the best shot at winning the particular opening game of the series contrary to the division leading Braves. They proceeded to go with Aaron Nola because he will be who has pitched the best lately.
This evening, he delivered.
Racking up a career greatest 117 pitches as he lasted 6 masterful innings, Nola showed that will perhaps he has turned the corner and lastly rediscovered what made him a top 3 Cy Young finisher in 2018.
Going up against Dallas Keuchel, this particular game could have served as a “see, I told you so” if they acquired lost and Keuchel had frequency well. You could almost hear the particular scribes wondering a mistake was produced passing on Keuchel this offseason had the Braves taken this particular game, but no – it had been Nola who would put on a medical center.
It's not like Keuchel was poor either. He held the Phillies offense, one that had recently chose to hit like they are capable of, under control for most of the night. He put seven innings of five strike ball, surrendering two walks plus striking out three, inducing poor contact most of the night. He failed to make many mistakes, but the one particular big one he made, The writer Bruce capitalized, roping a two-run double that scored Jean Holistica and J. T. Realmuto for your game's only two runs.
Which was all Nola would need. He just gave up four hits and 3 walks, struck out eight plus looked in command of everything through the night long. Any time he needed a large out, he got it. Any time this individual needed a big pitch, he caused it to be. It was vintage Aaron Nola this evening, something this team has not noticed a whole lot of this season. He's already been a lot better lately, as we've noticed.
We rarely see Gabe Kapler let hit pitchers go quite far in a game, but this evening was different. Tonight, you could inform that if Nola was dealing, Kapler was going to lean on him hard all through.
Lost in the Nola goodness was your bottom of the ninth clinic that will Hector Neris put on. Last period he was here, he skilled one of the more painful losses of the time of year. While he was back within the bump the night following that reduction, he still wanted to erase that will memory from his mind plus decided to go right after the Braves' hitters. Boy did he ever arrive through.
It was exactly the way to begin this ever so important series within Atlanta. Tomorrow night, we find out if Nick Pivetta can continue this. For now, we leave you with this.

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Sport Thread 7/2: Phillies at Braves

Hey–this is the team that beat the particular Mets four times, and effectively beat the Marlins once within six tries. Why are we therefore worried about them playing the Braves, a team that was going nuclear until the Mets handed them the humiliating loss on Sunday Evening Baseball?
Well, probably because of all of the very realistic issues that exist. Yet it's a new series, and everybody knows that in baseball, anything can occur. For instance, did you hear about that Braves loss on Sunday Night Football? Exactly. So forget those Phillies who dropped a series to Miami–they're dead. They don't exist. All we now have are the Phillies who are about to perform the Braves, and folks, [soaking rag in nail polish remover] I couldn't become more excited.

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Allow freedom ring: Phillies vs . Braves series preview

The final time I previewed a series involving the Phillies and Braves, it really appeared to strike a chord with Braves fans. I got the impression these people really appreciated my take on the way the series would go. If any one of those new fans are looking over this, I'd like to welcome you back to The great Phight, and I hope you enjoy this survey even more than the last!
Unfortunately, if you're unlikely to enjoy the actual series, mainly because – as you'll read beneath – the Phillies are ready to dominate.
Record: 50-35 Start in National League East
The final time they met
Due to obtaining extremely lucky in the initial video game of the series, the Braves steered clear of with a series victory.
Beating on the poor Mets

The Braves have got spent a lot of time playing the Mets since then. While they've won the majority of those games, defeating the Mets isn't all that tough to do nowadays, so I'm not too amazed.
Harper > Acuna
Braves enthusiasts have convinced themselves that outfielder Ronald Acuna, Jr is better than Bryce Harper. They love to talk about Acuna doing so much at a young age, whilst conveniently forgetting something: Everything that Acuna is doing, Harper has already done.
It is also worth noting that Harper offers better career numbers at the Braves' home park than Acuna really does. Harper's career OPS of 1. 083 at SunTrust Park is better than Acuna's mark, and Harper offers hit six home runs within 19 games at the stadium, that is a better rate than Acuna.
Based in dallas sucks
The Braves' supposed response to fixing their rotation was in order to sign Dallas Keuchel. However , these are discovering why he was nevertheless available on the free agent marketplace in June. Yes, he has the Cy Young Award to their credit, but that was four years back. (If we're going to act impressed by previous honors, maybe they should bring in Mary Glavine as a guest starter. ) In that season, he led the particular National League in wins. A year ago, he led the NL within hits allowed, which is not a type you generally want to be on top of the particular leaderboard for.
He hasn't been amazing thus far in his Braves career. Right after two starts, he has an ERA associated with 5. 06 and has already quit three home runs.
He'd much better be especially careful when dealing with Jean Segura who has already used Keuchel deep twice in his profession.
As for the other starter on Wednesday
The Braves actually did nicely against Aaron Nola the last period he faced them. It's a pity for them that knocking him away in the fifth inning didn't assist them actually win the game. Plus considering how he's pitched recently, that might have been their best chance to defeat him this season.
Over his final two starts, Nola has allowed only one earned run with 20 mixed strikeouts. It certainly looks like your dog is put his early season challenges behind him.
It won't get much better for the Braves after that
After Keuchel's start, the Braves are going to toss Bryse Wilson and Mike Soroka at the Phillies. Wilson likely recalls his last start against the Phils, when they scored four runs towards him in just 3. 1 innings. As for Soroka, his numbers look great this season, but it probably isn't coincidental that he hasn't faced the Phillies yet. Are the Braves protecting the particular young pitcher by ensuring that he or she doesn't have to face the deep Philadelphia lineup?
Meanwhile, the Phillies will likely send Nick Pivetta and Zach Eflin to the mound this series. Pivetta is 2-0 for his profession at SunTrust Park, while Eflin has a lifetime ERA of 1. 57 against the Braves.
Speaking of Tom Glavine
Tom Glavine had a long, Corridor of Fame career, but I got not come here to compliment him today. Instead, I wanted in order to remind people that he was normally a disappointment in postseason appearances. Their career record of 14-16 within playoff games is a big good reason that the Braves were unable to earn more than one World Series during their tenure.
And although it wasn't officially a postseason game, nor achieved it involve either the Braves or even Phillies, I think this is worth viewing:

The edge in patriotism
Since Self-reliance Day will fall during this collection, it's obvious that the more devoted of the two teams will dominate. So let's take a look at how the 2 franchises stack up.
The Phillies enjoy their home games in Philadelphia, the cradle of American liberty. The particular team colors are a very devoted red, white, and blue, as well as the team logo features the Freedom Bell, which is the most patriotic issue that exists. On the other hand, the Braves are famous for earning massive revenue at the expense of unwitting people, and cultural appropriation…. which come to consider it, are pretty American things you can do.
I'd say the Braves are usually as patriotic as a $20 expenses, while the Phillies are like George Wa punching Osama Bin Laden whilst eating an apple pie. The very clear edge goes to the Phils.
George would have definitely been a Phillies fanPhoto by Hulton Archive/Getty Pictures

The Phillies will do towards the Braves what the Colonial army do to the British. Maybe the Braves can find a way to eke out the win, but I doubt this.

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Phillies MLR: Alec Bohm’s hitting ability reaches five games, Francisco Morales dazzles again

Present Probables:
REA: GM1 Adonis Medina, GM2 TBD
CLR: Toby Brown
WIL: Tom Sutera
Lehigh Valley 6, Buffalo four
Tyler Viza – 3. two IP, 6 H, 3 L, 3 ER, 2 BB, four K, 1 GB, 2 WIKIPEDIA
Connor Brogdon — 1 . 1 IP, 1 L, 0 R, 3 K
Nick Williams – one for 2, HR, 2 RBI, BB, K, HBP
Adam Haseley – 0 for one
Deivy Grullon : 0 for 1
Austin Listi – 1 just for 4, R, 2B
Jan Hernandez – 1 for just two, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI, BB, K
Mitch Walding – 1 for a few, BB, K
Malquin Canelo – 0 for four, 2 K
Something, something Chip Williams. He sports a. 410 typical, 1 . 152 OPS and strike his 3rd AAA homer yesterday evening. Jan Hernandez added his eighth HR of the season as well, the two-run shot in the 2nd inning. After getting lit up in the AAA debut, Connor Brogdon do his thing that he's completed at two other levels this year. The 24 year old 6'6 righty has 65 strikeouts to twelve walks in 45. 2 innings across three levels this season.
Brand new Hampshire 7, Reading 5
Mauricio Llovera – 4. 2 IP, 3 H, 3 R, two ER, 3 BB, 5 Nited kingdom, HR, HBP, 5 GB, three or more FB
Josh Stephen – 1 for 4, 2B, BB
Alec Bohm – 2 for 5, L, 3B, K (fielding error)
Darick Hall – two for 3, R, RBI, two BB, K
Cornelius Randolph – 2 for four, R, K
Henry Williams – 2 for four, 2 R, HR, 2 RBI
Arquimedes Gamboa : 0 for 3, BB, E (fielding error)
This was not the particular sharpest of starts for Mauricio Llovera. He had not issued a lot more than 2 walks in a game given that April 25th. Llovera still includes a respectable 4. 26 ERA along with 68 strikeouts to 27 strolls in 61. 1 innings. Henry Williams hit a two-run HUMAN RESOURCES in the 3rd innings, his fifth of the season. Alec Bohm crush his first AA triple yesterday evening and his 4th overall this season. He or she extended his hitting streak in order to five games.
Fort Myers six, Clearwater 0
Anthony Requena — 6 IP, 3 H, one R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 7 GB, six FB
Matt Vierling – 3 for 4, TRAFIC TRAVIS
Simon Muzziotti : 0 for 3
Jhailyn Ortiz – 0 to get 4, 2 K
Nick Maton – 1 regarding 3
Rodolfo Duran – 0 for 3, two K
Daniel Brito – 0 for 3
Raw night for the Threshers offense because they are five-hit in the game, with no extra-base hits and went 0 with regard to 4 with RISP. They waste materials a great start by Anthony Requena that has now been excellent in his final two starts, going: 11 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, two BB, 10 K. It's been a good up and down season for Requena the master of a 4. 46 ERA along with 69 K's to 26 BB's in 72. 2 innings general.
Lakewood 3, Delmarva 0
Victor Santos – 5 IP, two H, 0 R, 3 E, HBP, 4 GB, 6 FB
Francisco Morales – four IP, 1 H, 0 L, BB, 5 K, 4 GB, zero FB
Jonathan Guzman – 0 for 4, E
Rafael Marchan : 1 for 3, BB
Luis Garcia – two for 4, 2B, K
Seth Lancaster – zero for 3, K, HBP
Carlos De La Johnson – 0 for 4, Nited kingdom
Cole Stobbe — 2 for 4, R, two 2B, RBI, 2 K
Malvin Matos – zero for 3, R, K
Jake Holmes – one for 3, RBI, 2 Nited kingdom
Both Victor Santos and Francisco Morales have been absolutely dominant recently. Morales is quietly moving into concern as my #2 pitching potential client in the system. In his last nine games, the 19 year old went: 32 IP, 17 H, six ER, 13 BB, 49 E. Just going to say that is very great.
Williamsport 9, Mahoning Valley one
Junior Tejada – 4 IP, 3 H, 0 R, BB, 7 K, 2 GB, two FB
Gustavo Armas – 3 IP, 3 L, 1 R, 1 ER, two BB, 4 K, 3 GIGABYTE, 1 FB
Seeker Markwardt – 0 for five, 2 K
Nate Fassnacht – 1 for four, 2 R, 2B, RBI
Logan Simmons – two for 3, 2 R, BB, K
Juan Aparicio – 1 for 4, Ur, 2B, 2 RBI, K
McCarthy Tatum – one for 3, R, 3B, two RBI, K, HBP (fielding error)
Logan O'Hoppe : 1 for 3, HR, two RBI, BB
Rudy Rott – 0 for a few, RBI
Hunter Hearn – 1 for 3, L, 2B, BB, K, CS
Corbin Williams – three or more for 4, R, K, CS
Junior Tejada has been sharp to begin the season. He owns a second . 92 ERA with 17 K's and 3 BB's in twelve. 1 innings. Logan O'Hoppe provides struggled at the plate entering yesterday, hopefully hitting his first expert homer will get him on the right track!
GCL Phillies East 11, GCL Yankees West 6
GCL Phillies West 2, GCL Tigers East 0
Nothing too insane to note in these games other than an additional rehab appearance from Connor Seabold who went: 3 IP, one H, 0 R, 5 E. It shouldn't be too long before he or she is back up with Reading or perhaps also Lehigh Valley when he is completely stretched out.

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If the Phillies have had more than one All Superstar this year?

The particular Phillies have either been in very first or second place for the entire 2019 season. Sure, there have been some lower spots, but overall, at 44-40, the team has had a decent 12 months, are tied for the second outrageous card spot with the Rockies, plus remain in the conversation for the NL East title, 5. 5 video games behind the Braves.
Last year, in addition they spent the majority of the season in very first or second place, although their own collapse down the stretch negated the majority of that progress. But for the majority of the final two seasons, the team has become a “contender. “
So why do these people continue to get no love when it comes to All Star appearances?
On Weekend it was announced that catcher J. To. Realmuto would be the Phils' lone consultant at the Midsummer Classic, the 6th straight year the Phillies have experienced just one player playing in the All of Star Game.
2019 – Realmuto

2018 – Aaron Nola

2017 – Pat Neshek

2016 — Odubel Herrera

2015 – Jonathan Papelbon

2014 – Chase Utley

The last time the Phils got at least two players selected for that All Star Game was 2013, when Dominic Brown and High cliff Lee were chosen. Lee's choice led to this iconic moment within Phillies history, by the way.

Seems like the ray of sunshine that High cliff Lee, huh?
Realmuto's selection is sensible, but only because it's a lower year for catchers in the Nationwide League. His 2 . 5 fWAR was tied for second within the NL, thanks mainly to their fine defensive work. Offensively, they are batting an underwhelming. 265/. 319/. 431, with 10 HRs, forty-nine runs scored, and just 37 RBIs hitting out of the No . 5 place in the lineup, and a. 745 OPERATIONS that ranks fourth among catchers.
You could argue that any of these four gamers below were more deserving, even though Realmuto is certainly one of the best catchers within baseball and deserving of his just right the team as well.
Scott Kingery's bounce back from last year's terrible 2018 season has been incredible to view. His 149 wRC+ is 9th-best among all National League gamers with at least 180 plate looks, and the second-year man is striking. 318/. 368/. 591 while actively playing five different positions. But right after missing a month with a hamstring stress and coming off last year's disaster, adding Kingery to the roster was a hard sell.
Hector Neris has blown just two will save this year, converting 16 of eighteen, and he has a 3. 18 ERA/3. 15 FIP with a 32. 9% strikeout rate, but he was not dominant enough to demand addition on the team. Zach Eflin has already established an All Star season, with a a few. 34 ERA that is tied intended for 9th-best in the NL. You could claim he should have gotten in more than Sandy Alcantara, but the Marlins required a representative of their own, and Alcantara has been their most deserving candidate.
Probably the best non-Realmuto candidate to make the team was Rhys Hoskins, who is striking. 261/. 393/. 522 with nineteen HRs and 55 RBIs. Your dog is been more consistent this year, as well, but he unfortunately plays a posture in which you need to go crazy offensively to gain any traction. The three gamers selected ahead of him — Freddie Freeman, Pete Alonso and Josh Bell all have better Battles than Hoskins and have also been a lot more productive at the plate.
So , once more, Phillies fans will have just one of their very own players to watch at this year's Almost all Star Game in Cleveland. However, if the team can make it to the postseason, it's likely this will change within 2020.
Remember, in 2008, the particular Phillies only had two Many Stars: Brad Lidge and Utley. That was after a playoff appearance the entire year before and two players — Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard — who won back-to-back MVP awards. It wasn't until yr, after they had won the World Collection, that the Phillies were more completely represented in the Midsummer Classic, along with five players, including their whole starting outfield.
Better days might be ahead. For now, Phils fans can also enjoy watching Realmuto suit up for a few innings for the National League All of Stars next week.
On Episode 299 of Hittin' Season, Justin Klugh, Liz Roscher and I talked read more about the All Star Game, previous Phillies history, and how MLB's totally free agent process can be more like the particular NBA's.